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Posted on 2020-04-18
by root_admin

Same products and a new way of doing business

The Covid 19 pandemic is making companies in Guanajuato modify the way they do business

Some companies have lowered the rythm of their production, others redesigned their assembly lines to satisfy the demand of emerging supplies and others, decided to go digital

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We are talking about timely alternatives, that, as said by the General Director of the Coordinator of Promotion of Foreign Trade of Guanajuato (COFOCE), Luis Ernesto Rojas Avila, allows companies even within the pandemic, to keep selling and sending their products to the world.

“You know that Cofoce has been an organism that has been a leader in digitalization in the State and we have been a pioneer in digitalization; all the companies that in the two previous years have been added up to digitalization and transformed, are enjoying today the resukts of that work”, said Rojas Avila.

“I say this because right now the area of digital transformation is a new area of recent creation, only last year we started with it and today it has a really important role because it may be true that at the small grocery stores, supermarkets, department stores, many are closed, well that is not the case in the digital markets”, said Rojas Avila.

With digitalization sales or purchases are made from anywhere

New products sales are on the rise

Rojas said that no matter the actual economic situation, sales in the world in marketplaces and with it a very large amount of products are on the rise, and it is there where we should reinforce companies from Guanajuato, giving them support so that they have a greater presence of brand in digital form and generating solid strategies of sales.

“Many of the companies, and I want to insist on this, when the crisis started came somewhat in fear, and told us, ‘You know what? I am going to stop all the strategies of digital marketing, I am going to stop all that I have under contract’, all the opposite, we told them, ¡No!, ¡That would be a mistake!, because you are going to stop selling in the traditional retail and the only window that you will have open is this one, reinforce now this that you are doing. The support (from Cofoce) I would tell you is not created nor destroyed, it is only transfered and we are transfering it to the digital commerce”, said Rojas, the General Director of Cofoce.

New opportunities arise from the crisis

Take advantage of ‘Home Office’

The head of Cofoce said that a great number of entrepreneurs have come to the organism to ask for assistance to face the situation and improve their performance as the pandemic crisis goes on.

“How can you do an efficient Home Office? What should you consider to be esential to really go back in operation?, then all this types of chats, of conversations, we broadcast them through our area of Cofoce Academy and we have a very active group of entrepreneurs who have been following us and this situation is not only about having hope or giving good news, but also about providing practical matters that can be helpful to be able to face these challenges that we all are suffering”, said Rojas avila.

Business intelligence

Luis Ernesto Rojas said that Cofoce is always trying to know, through business intelligence, what is going on in the markets and this way we can support the Guanajuatense companies.

Rojas noted that the areas of opportunity in this moment for the companies are diverse, and they should take advantage.

“We know very well that what I used to buy or what we used to buy 40 days ago, today is completely different. Today, ¿what is being sold in the world, what is being bought in the world?, antibacterial gel, medical supplies, of course face masks, respirators; what is not being purchased?, well obviously not so necessary products, clothes, dresses, trips, technology, then it is very important for Cofoce to send the signals to the companies. This is the speed of the market that we have always mentioned at Cofoce and today is the moment to live it; it is really an opportunity to be able to act and that obviously will allow for many companies to reactivate their jobs, perhaps not generate great gross profit but it would not represent great losses either”, said Rojas.

Getting ready

“There will be a transformation of all kinds; Cofoce kept saying it since some years ago, there will be a change in the way we think, the way we live, the way we buy, we are going to transform digitally, there will be great changes in the consumming habits. I think that today, many are willing to believe in us but not after a medicine or after a bitter shot, which is what we are going through, but the reason is that transformation has arrived, and it has arrived because your consumer has changed, now we have no doubt that your consumer changed, now the question is: And you? When are you going to change?”, asked Rojas Avila.

The world on your screen

2020 starts with the right foot

The Director General of Cofoce also has some good news as he presented data given by the General Customs System that comprehends the months of January-February of 2020.

“Not only has the automotive sector represented an important growth, but also industries like fashion, shoes, supplies to manufacture shoes, hats, crafts, the industrial agro sector, among other; then, in the last economic report, the numbers for Guanajuato are very positive. We must, of course look at the up-coming months, how the report comes, what are the effects, which will surely be seen after the pandemic of coronavirus that we are facing,The January-February economic report in detail

Some recommendations:

  • – Find the way to maintain the plants active focusing on what is demanded by the global market.
  • – Be able to establish alliances with other entrepreneurs
  • – Continue updating your knowledge

Numbers by Cofoce based on information of the General Customs Administration, SAT

Exports of Guanajuato

  • 3,702 million dollars in the first 2 months of 2020
  • 2,386 million dollars in the same period of 2019.
  • 98% Vehicles
  • 4% Incidence industry, the two sectors with the greatest growth

The share of exports for companies:

  • 77% Big
  • 11% Medium
  • 7% Small
  • 5% Micro

Guanajuato exported to 104 countries, the main destinations:

  • 3,104 million dollars USA
  • 168 md Canada
  • 93 md Colombia
  • 34 md Germany
  • 30 md China

Top 6 exporting municipalities:

  • 2,011 md Silao
  • 486 md Salamanca
  • 294 md Celaya
  • 279 md Irapuato
  • 154 md Villagran
  • 135 md Leon

* These six municipalities, represent 90.8% of the total exports from Guanajuato.

Auto industry stays strong in Guanajuato

Among the most exported products are:

  • – Products of the auto-parts sector like gear shift transmissions, differential axis, accesories, cables, tires, flywheels and suspension systems.
  • – Agro industrial (vegetables, fresh tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli, pepper and fresh lettuce)
  • – Metal mechanics (iron or steel bars without alloy, thick wire, frames, panels, hardware and supports to distribute electricity)
  • – Personal care (tooth paste)
  • – Shoes (boots and skin soles

New scenario, new ways of doing business

In these two months, Guanajuato exported 27 new products for one million dollars, among them: machinery to calibrate mechanical pieces, organic chemical products, big vehicles, stoves, steamers, kitchens, machinery parts, metal mesh, cloth and eatable parts of animals of cattle, pork, goat, horse, donkey and mule,

Just as well, 3 new markets received Guanajuatense products for the first time: Angola (eatable products, frozen products), Yemen (tires) and Cocos Keeling, Australian Islands (rubber non vulcanized tubes).

we will inform then”, said Rojas.


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