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Posted on 2020-03-03
by root_admin

Central American buyers are interested in shoes from Guanajuato

With the crisis in China the sale of local shoes is solid in Central America

Countries in Central America are a natural market for shoes manufactured in Guanajuato, and it is the moment to get there

Leon/Gto News

The situation nowadays in Asia opens a series of opportunities for the Mexican shoes in Central America.

Wholesalers from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama expressed their interest in finding new suppliers upon the uncertainty in Asia after the outbreak of the Covid-19, said the coordinator of the shoe sector of Cofoce Edith Alejandra Vazquez Gutierrez.

The uncertainty in China

Since the China situation is still in progress, they doubt if they will continue their imports or if they will cancel their trip to that country. They also said that this is the opportunity for Mexico to go strong into Central America; for example the biggest company in Central America, that produces and sells, sent 7 people to see different styles at Sapica and to buy instead of the suppliers they had from China”, said Vazquez.

The Central American countries are a natural market for the companies from Guanajuato, said Vazquez, and that is because they are so close and we also share similarities in styles and language.

After a trip made to generate opportunities some possibilities were created in shoes for men, ladies, kids, as well as comfort, orthopedic and school shoes.

Brands for Central America

In that trip, said Vazquez, they visited more than 27 possible buyers in the 4 countries, and Central Americans were shown products from 6 companies with the potential to supply to their market; the brands are Blasito, Damita, Color In, Herson, among other.

“We have been in this market for 6 years and we see that either if it is a trade mission or one to generate opportunities they produce less and import more because their shoe industry is not technified, nor they have all the necessary materials”, said Vazquez.

The promotion of local products gives good results

More opportunities

There are opportunities in the short term for the casual leather shoe for men, because in these markets they value the quality of this type of product; also the shoe for scholars since they have different cycles, it can be sold all year, said Vazquez.

The oficial said that they also found opportunities for the leather and textile industries, through products like leather belts and wallets; synthetic and leather purses, safety vests and socks.


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