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Posted on 2020-03-11
by root_admin

Training goes on from Cofoce

Companies in Guanajuato are trained to sell through Marketplace all over the world

The “eCommerce Go” seminary was developed and designed specially for those Small enterprises from Guanajuato to know in full the topics involved in sales on line.




Leon/Gto News

Guanajuato through the Coordinatior of Promotion of Foreign Trade reinforces the strategy so that more than 100 Small enterprises go into the digital transformation adopting new business models.

That is the reason for the “eCommerce Go” seminary to be developed and designed specially for those Small enterprises from Guanajuato to know in full the topics involved in sales on line through the global market places like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Novica, Wish, among other, as well as to provide the necessary tools for these companies to go into the digital transformation, as informed by Luis Ernesto Rojas Avila, General Director of Cofoce.

This program includes a series of trainings that will be given every Tuesday (March through August) so that the companies can develop their own digital business model from zero or even improve the one they already have.

Real added value

“For us it has been very satisfactory to be able to come to the point where today many companies that used to sell a pair of shoes for 20 dollars, now they sell them for 500 dollars and they sell those shoes in Saudi Arabia, in China, in Japan, and they sell them to the final buyer through their own platforms and that is what we want to do with many companies”, said Rojas Avila.

“We want to be able to make their products and services get to their final consumers with a niche, with differentiation, with added value, and that is why we are getting ready again in this Foro Go and of course in this seminary, where we also have very good speakers, so that they can take them step by step and be able to take advantage of this moment we are living of great transformation”, said Rojas.

Results are real after trainings

During the capacitation they will cover basic topics like online sales of eCommerce, logistics, payment possibilities, customer service, pricing, among other topics.

Rojas said that these program of eCommerce Go surges from the  necessity to have prepared companies to cope with the changing world of digital business

COFOCE develops this project in alliance with the Secretary of Economic Development, so that Guanajuato companies have a better scope and in the first stage it is more than 100 entrepreneurs whom are mainly directors, managers and owners of companies with products with a potential for exportation.


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