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Posted on 2020-02-28
by root_admin

All courses are available for entrepreneurs

The Cofoce Academy is a platform of virtual training that is offered to all entrepreneurs

To sell your product in the international markets you should fit your product to the market that is destination for your products

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Constant training and being at the vanguard of new processes, certifications and even authorizations for operations, it must be a priority for organizations, more so for those who want to take their products and/or services to the world.

The Coordinator of Promotion for the Exterior Trade of Guanajuato (Cofoce), through the Direction of Training offers the companies this information and guides them so that their products reach different regions of the world.

We have positioned Cofoce Academy as a platform of virtual training that we offer to all entrepreneurs.

Easy access training

It is a place where they can be trained on line without the restriction of time or space, and where we have different topics, from internationalization, registry of brand, protection of exports and other topics and we will include more contents”, said Carlos Rodriguez Martin del Campo, Director of Training and International Certification at Cofoce.

The platform Cofoce Academy offers a series of fundamental Certifications for the companies that want to export or even for those that are already exporting.

“The first mistake in exports is when they want to sell the product just as they are selling it in the local market. They should fit their products to the international market and to the countries that are destination for their products and if we talk about a more specific topic, they should even think of the requirements of the customer who needs this product, then the International Certificaction is a very important part”, said Carlos Rodriguez.

Certification in Customs Operation: One of a kind

One of the main programs of Cofoce is the Certification in Customs Operation (COA), which in 2020, comes to its seventh edition in Alliance with the Escuela Bancaria Comercial (EBC) in Leon, said Rodriguez.

It is a program for entrepreneurs, administrators of the international trade sector, high level directors who want to know well the customs operations, he said.

“We are covering really good content, such as customs valuation, sanctions to foreign trade, how it should be operated or how customs are being operated right now and the challenges faced by exporters in the XXI Century. The electronic commerce is doing a mark with all its implications for the transport and logistics of goods, we see how big platforms are growing a lot and the consumer is turning more to the digital process, then the electronic trade is also one of the important topics we are covering in the field of the change in trends of international trade”, said Rodriguez.

Among the most important certifications offered by Cofoce Academy are:

Quality Certification

  • Systems of Processes Certification
  • IATF (for auto industry)
  • SQF (system of processes of food inocuousness) for agro-industry sector
  • Global GAP (good agricultural practices)
  • Primus
  • BRC (Asked for in England and in many countries of Europe)
  • WRAP (a key to get to great international brands) for the sector of fashion-shoes
  • Certification of Social Responsibility
  • Certification of content of Restricted Substances and lead content
  • Certification UL (for electricians)
  • Certification NSF (for matters of inocuousness in many processed foods)


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